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Striped Walls

Stripes are not just limited to your wardrobe. They’re a classic way to add a graphic touch to any room  from vertical/hoziontal, wide/narrow, hand-painted/wallpaper and colorful/ muted.  The possibilities become endless. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have a… Continue Reading “Striped Walls”

Accent Pieces

My current couch is a light cream, and since I live in an apartment the space is limited. When it comes to adding accents to a room (such as the living room) it’s nearly impossible. Surely that doesn’t stop me from dreaming up what… Continue Reading “Accent Pieces”

Autumn Outdoor Décor

Last week I posted about these gorgeous fall porches. One thing I fell in love with was the stacked heirloom pumpkins. I had never seen heirloom pumpkins before, and when I came home to visit my parents my mum had a couple heirlooms in… Continue Reading “Autumn Outdoor Décor”

Let\’s Decorate

{I love ruffles and bows so naturally you will find theme throughout my apartment} Some things come naturally to certain people: cooking, painting, decorating a room. For the rest of us, it takes education with a bit of trial and error. Whether you are… Continue Reading “Let\’s Decorate”

Coffee Table Basics

Coffee tables are the centerpieces of most homes, and what you have on your table says a lot about who you are and what inspires you. Mastering the art of creating a perfectly personalized tablescape may seem intimidating, but here are a few tips… Continue Reading “Coffee Table Basics”