Striped Walls

Stripes are not just limited to your wardrobe. They’re a classic way to add a graphic touch to any room  from vertical/hoziontal, wide/narrow, hand-painted/wallpaper and colorful/ muted.  The possibilities become endless. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have a two tone pink stripe laundry room. To my dismay my laundry room is now downstairs in a tiny unfinished basement about the size of my college dorm room. So adding stripes is no longer a possibility which has me brainstorming of what I want to stripe. What do you think about the classic striped wall?

7 Comments on “Striped Walls

  1. I love stripe walls, I have gold stiping in my bedroom at my parents house. It is such a great way to add an accent to a room, you almost don't even need anything on the walls.


  2. I LOOOVE striped walls. I did my bonus room in all over, rich purple. And then added one stripe in the same color, but glosses, about 3/4 of the way up. It's not all stripes, but just the one accent totally changes the look of the room. Just wish I could do glitter or sequin like in that bathroom picture!


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