Let\’s Decorate

{I love ruffles and bows so naturally you will find theme throughout my apartment}

Some things come naturally to certain people: cooking, painting, decorating a room. For the rest of us, it takes education with a bit of trial and error. Whether you are updating a room or decorating your entire house, there are a few things I have learned about interior design that can help create a fabulous space. Do you have any design tips you\’d like to share?

Personalize your space.
Your home (or room) should reflect who you are. Aim for pieces that compliment your personal clothing style. Making the best place to begin…your closet. What colors are you drawn to? Do you prefer modern or vintage? Are you a fan of lace and ruffles or clean cuts? Use your taste in clothing as a style guide for your home.

Home sweet home
When I think of “home sweet home” the first word that comes to mind is cozy, so create a space that is inviting and comfortable for you and your guests. As an added tip I liked to have candles going and blankets draped over the couch and chairs to help create the cozy feeling when guests are over.

{I added a ribbon bow to this lamp to make it more \’me\’}

16 Comments on “Let\’s Decorate

  1. I have chocolates in small vases next to my couch and sofa for guests, people always comment on how much they like that! I think it really adds to the room. Thanks for the suggestions.


  2. blankets on the couch are a great way to add coziness. I cant wait till it gets a bit cooler and I can curl up with one 🙂


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