DIY: Team Spirit Bauble

Football season is here and there is no better way to kickoff a chic outfit for your next tailgate or game then with a team spirit bauble.

You will need:
 • wooden balls with holes
 • paint
 • paint brush
 • pearls
 • bead stringing wire
 • clasp (lobster claw)
 • jump rings (2)
 • crimp beads
 • crimping tool (optional)

 1. Paint your beads with your desired colors. I have five coats on the yellow and three on the blue.

 2. Decide on your necklace design.

3. Add the color bead you want in the middle of your necklace first and then start adding the same color of beads of pearls to each side. Be sure to finish off with a pearl on each end.

 4. Add a crimp bead to the necklace. Crimp using a crimping tool or pliers.

5. Add another crimp bead and a jump ring to the string. Place the string through the crimp ring and lock crimp into place.

6. Open a jump ring like the picture above moving one tool away from you and one towards you. Attach to the clasp and close. repeat step five with the clasp.

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