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How to Make a Lemonade Slushee

When I lived in Pittsburgh, I would constantly go to Pirates baseball games. I remember there being a guy who sold lemonade and I am pretty sure he is the reason that lemonade started to become my summer staple. With temperatures starting to creep… Continue Reading “How to Make a Lemonade Slushee”

Campfire Popcorn

There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire at night and enjoying a big pot of freshly popped popcorn. If you have never made popcorn over a campfire before, you are definitely missing out. Campfire popcorn has quickly become my favorite. I will… Continue Reading “Campfire Popcorn”

How to Make S\’mores Dip

With just three ingredients and a campfire, you have yourself the official dessert of summer. S\’mores are ooey and gooey and make the quintessential summertime treat. What you may not go is this traditional campfire recipe can be turned into a dip. This dip is… Continue Reading “How to Make S\’mores Dip”

Campfire Apple Pie

Whether I am having a bonfire in the backyard or camping in the wilderness campfire pies have easily become my favorite. Pie irons are easy to heat over the campfire and make meal clean up quick and easy. If you do not have a campfire… Continue Reading “Campfire Apple Pie”

What I Wore, Ate and Did this Memorial Day

[curled up by the bonfire with my favorite blanket] I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! With everything going on, this extra day of rest was definitely needed by many. I mean, I currently do not have a job and I was still… Continue Reading “What I Wore, Ate and Did this Memorial Day”