What I Wore, Ate and Did this Memorial Day

[curled up by the bonfire with my favorite blanket]

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! With everything going on, this extra day of rest was definitely needed by many. I mean, I currently do not have a job and I was still excited to just have a day that I was not glued in front of my computer applying for countless jobs.

[spent time hiking and trying to stay hydrated in the heat]

Being a Michigander summer holidays are best spent up north, preferably on the lake. However, with Michigan under a stay-at-home order because of Covid-19, I found myself making the best out of home life. While my weekend may not have been filled with hikes through state parks, trips to a local ice cream shoppe for superman ice cream, and plenty of time along with one of the Great Lakes, I did enjoy spending quality time making the best of my three-day weekend.

Jack and I went for a bike ride – he loves hanging out in the Kurgo and the wind in his face, had some delicious bbq food, and spent sometime around the bonfire with my aunt. Here is a glimpse of my favorite parts of this holiday weekend.

 [Enjoyed campfire popcorn]
 [Ate chicken and ribs]
 [Drank homemade lemonade]
 [Campfire necessities: chairs, blanket, cooler and of course a firepit.]
 [Ate more ribs]
 [Played bags and learned I\’m really good at it]
 [Enjoyed the water]
 [Didn\’t have a photoshoot with this little one for the first time]
 [Indulged in my mums s\’ mores dip]
 [Picked rhubarb from Meeme\’s garden]
 [Took Jackers for his first bike ride]
 [Made campfire apple pies]
[And, of course, never wanted the weekend to end]

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