Safe and Solo Summer: 5 Things to do in Fort Wayne, Indidna

Whether you’re looking for a day trip or weekend getaway this summer, why not check out Fort Wayne Indiana? Fort Wayne is centrally located just a few hours from Detroit, Grand Rapids, Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Milwaukee and offers plenty of activities. I visited Fort Wayne, Indiana last year for the first time and absolutely fell in love with the city.

With everything going on, myself, just like many others are nervous to travel especially with others. However, Fort Wayne is one of those midwestern towns that you can\’t help but visit. While Fort Wayne, Indiana offers plenty of family-friendly activities (seriously such a cool family-oriented town), it also has plenty of things for the solo traveler as well. All of these solo traveler adventures can be done as a family or with friends. Here are 5 safe adventures you can embark on in Fort Wayne this summer:

1. Hit the trails
Grab a kayak and discover various water access points along Fort Wayne’s three rivers, or take an adventure along more than 120 miles of trails by foot or bike. With more than 80 city parks and a number of county parks and preserves, you’re sure to discover the perfect adventure.
Pro Tip: Don’t forget to visit the gravesite of John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed).

2. Public art
When adventuring around Fort Wayne, keep your eyes on the lookout for public art. You’ll find it in parks and alleyways. There’s even 50 unique sculptures downtown that doubles as bike racks! I absolutely loved exploring all the beautiful murals!

3. Promenade Park
Every time I visited Fort Wayne last year they were busy working on Promenade Park, and now I am dying to see the end result. Promenade Park opened in August of last year. This riverfront attraction is located just north of downtown Fort Wayne along the St. Marys River. Promenade Park features a variety of activities, a treetop canopy trail, porch swings, and river access to dump your kayak in! 

4. Picnic in the park
Safely dine in the City of Restaurants when you grab carryout and head to a park. Promenade Park is conveniently located near many downtown restaurants.
Pro Tip: I highly recommend grilled cheese from the Dash-In.

5. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo
The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is not just designed for children, it’s made for everyone and I had a blast exploring the zoo last summer on my own. Separated into four sections the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is home to 40-acres of animals, rides, and beautifully landscaped grounds. I highly recommend checking out the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, especially since it is under three hours from Detroit you can easily make a day trip out of it.
Pro Tip: They have a white peacock – which is seriously so cool to see.

If you’re looking to do other things in Fort Wayne, Indiana this summer be sure to check out when attractions and venues will be reopening in Fort Wayne.

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