Campfire Apple Pie

Whether I am having a bonfire in the backyard or camping in the wilderness campfire pies have easily become my favorite. Pie irons are easy to heat over the campfire and make meal clean up quick and easy. If you do not have a campfire pie iron, I highly recommend getting one. There are so many great recipes that you can make with them. This summer I will be sharing some of my favorite pie iron recipes with you starting with this campfire apple pie recipe.

Campfire apple pie is insanely simple and affordable to make. All you need is bread, a can of apple pie filling, butter, and a pie iron.

Campfire Apple Pie
(this will make one pie)2 slices bread (I typically use white)
1/4 cup apple pie filling
Spreadable butter

1. Butter one side of each slice of bread.
2. Place the buttered side of one slice of bread down on the pie iron.
3. Spread the apple pie filling on top of the slice of bread
4. Place the other slice of bread buttered side up on top of the apple pie filling topped bread.
5. Close up the campfire pie iron.
6. Cook over hot coals for about 1 minute on each side.
7. Once done, carefully open up the pie iron.
8. Remove your pie and transfer it to a plate.
9. Enjoy.

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