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How to Build a Brunch Board

I am one of those breakfast for dinner people, so it shouldn\’t come as a surprise that brunch is one of my absolute favorite weekend indulgences. Serving brunch, even if it is just for me like I would serve a charcuterie board makes it… Continue Reading “How to Build a Brunch Board”

Restaurant Review: Vinny\’s Brunch

On a blistering cold Saturday, I ventured out to Vinny\’s Brunch and Lunch in Clinton Township, Michigan. We got there around noon, and the place was packed. However, we only waited about 20 minutes to get a table. I love brunch every day of… Continue Reading “Restaurant Review: Vinny\’s Brunch”

The Morrie: Brunch

  But first, brunch! Weekends were made for brunch dates, and I recently had the opportunity to try out brunch at The Morrie – it was all sorts of delicious. The Morrie offers a variety of amazing brunch options including, but not limited to:… Continue Reading “The Morrie: Brunch”