How to Build a Brunch Board

How to Build a Brunch Board

How to Build a Brunch Board

I am one of those breakfast for dinner people, so it shouldn\’t come as a surprise that brunch is one of my absolute favorite weekend indulgences. Serving brunch, even if it is just for me like I would serve a charcuterie board makes it even more fun. 

I love creating brunch boards to elevate my weekend, Valentine\’s Day, Easter, and really anytime I just want an excuse to have brunch and make it look chic. 

How to Build a Brunch Board

How to build a brunch board
When it comes to building a board you can make it have anything you want. Load it up with what you have in the fridge and pantry or buy specific items you\’d like to have on a board. 

1. Start with a base
This is the same concept used with a cheese board or charcuterie board. The base can be anything you want a large wooden cutting board, slate board, basket, serving platter, cookie sheet – the possibilities are endless. 

2. Ingredients
Think about what your brunch favorites are and that will give you a great place to start. Here are some of my favorite brunch board additions…
Fresh fruit: pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, bananas, grapes, apples, etc. 
Cheese: cheddar, white cheddar, feta, gouda, etc.
Proteins: smoked salmon, bacon, prosciutto, salami, etc.
Nuts: pecans, almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc

3. Pick a theme
I absolutely love themes and always base my board on that theme. A theme is so much more than deciding on \”Valentine\’s Day.\” Your theme is what you will be serving… the star of your board. Will it be pancakes and/or waffles with a variety of fruit for toppings, build your own breakfast sandwich, create a parfait, build a bowl of oatmeal, sweet treats like donuts..etc.

4. Build ahead of time
If you\’re serving your brunch board for family and guests do the hard work in advance. Waffles and pancakes can be made ahead of time, freeze, and then popped into the oven when you\’re ready to have them. Oatmeal is easy to make in a crockpot, bagels are easy to cut the morning of and add to the board. Make it easy for yourself when you\’re serving others! 

5. How to assemble a brunch board
1. Start with the star of your board first – pancakes, waffles, bagels, etc. 
2. Arrange seasonal fruit to add a pop of color throughout the board
3. Add small bowls for jams, honey, maple syrup, and more
4. Add cheese
5. Place your protein in spaces that are left
6. Fill in gaps with nuts
7. Cut out fruit with cookie cutters to add dimension
8. Now it\’s time to enjoy!

How to Build a Brunch Board

How to Build a Brunch Board

How to Build a Brunch Board

How to Build a Brunch Board

How to Build a Brunch Board

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