Restaurant Review: Vinny\’s Brunch

On a blistering cold Saturday, I ventured out to Vinny\’s Brunch and Lunch in Clinton Township, Michigan. We got there around noon, and the place was packed. However, we only waited about 20 minutes to get a table. I love brunch every day of the week, but I especially love it when chilly weather hits. There is just something about enjoying brunch while snow lightly falls outside.

Vinny\’s Brunch and Lunch features a jampacked menu of so many delicious items. From sizzling skillets to ultimate sweets you will find a little bit of everything on the brunch menu. Burgers, salads, sandwiches and more can be found on the lunch menu, each item sounding better than the next – which makes it very difficult to select something.

I was undecided when the waitress returned to our table and made a game-time decision to get the Strawberry Avocado Toast without goat cheese. The presentation on the Strawberry Avocado Toast did not disappoint and neither did the taste. I received a single slice of toast that had been toasted to perfection topped with smashed avocado, strawberry slices, almonds and a drizzle of honey. Hands down the best avocado toast that I have ever had.

If you\’re looking for a new place to brunch or lunch I highly recommend Vinny\’s Brunch and Lunch in Clinton Township, Michigan. They have unique items on the menu such as oreo pancakes as well as traditional items like omelets. Trust me you will not be disappointed with a trip to Vinny\’s Brunch and Lunch!

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