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Nomadik Subscription Review: Hammock Box

I received this Nomadik subscription box in exchange for my honest review. One thing is for certain, there’s something completely calming about relaxing in a hammock surrounded by nature. I recently received the hammock box from Nomadik. The box itself is designed for relaxing… Continue Reading “Nomadik Subscription Review: Hammock Box”

The Nomadik Box: Worth Signing Up For?

As an outdoor and adventure enthusiast who is also a self-proclaimed product junkie, I was excited to partner with The Nomadik and see what their gear subscription boxes are all about. If you’re like me you’re probably wondering if The Nomadik subscription box is… Continue Reading “The Nomadik Box: Worth Signing Up For?”

Nomadik Subscription Review: Campfire Revelry Box

I received this Nomadik subscription box in exchange for my honest review. Subscription boxes have been all the rage for a handful of years now, and I’ve never really gotten into them. I personally didn’t want to pay money to get random things that… Continue Reading “Nomadik Subscription Review: Campfire Revelry Box”

Best Hiking Shoe 2021: Merrell Moab 2

I’ve tried a lot of hiking boots over the years, so it’s a bold state for me to say that the Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Women’s hiking boots are my favorite that I’ve ever owned. When I say that Merrell takes comfort to the… Continue Reading “Best Hiking Shoe 2021: Merrell Moab 2”

5 Reasons Why I Love The Roc Sup Co. Explorer

Raise your hand if you’re ready to hit the water this summer? I’ve been posting pictures and videos on my Instagram of me exploring the Great Lakes, rivers and lakes on my Explorer standup paddle board from Roc Sup Co., in the sun and… Continue Reading “5 Reasons Why I Love The Roc Sup Co. Explorer”