Nomadik Subscription Review: Campfire Revelry Box

I received this Nomadik subscription box in exchange for my honest review.

Subscription boxes have been all the rage for a handful of years now, and I’ve never really gotten into them. I personally didn’t want to pay money to get random things that I would never use. Then I discovered the Nomadik subscription box, and everything changed.

The Nomadik subscription box is like no other subscription box on the market, at least that I could find. What makes it unique is the fact not only does it take your interest into consideration, but the season as well. Which means you’re providing with gear that is actually useful. When you sign up for the Nomadik subscription box you get to pick out your welcome box, and you usually have at least three to choose from.

My Nomadik subscription welcome box was Campfire Revelry. This box is great for bonfire enthusiasts, camping, glamping, bbq’ing or cooking, sounded perfect for me! The box had a retail value of $54 dollars and was packed with some great products.

What was in the Campfire Revelry Subscription Box?

Revel Gear Camping Lights

This LED light strand features a USB making it easy to plug the strand in and create endless hours of ambient mood lighting while camping. I personally love the lighting for car camping.

EXPLORIA Roasting Fork

As someone who finds herself around a campfire more nights than not, this roasting fork is easily my new favorite. It’s retractable, making it easy to carry in a pack or the car.

RUMPL Beer Blanket

I may not drink beer, but I love an ice-cold sparkling beverage. You’ll want to grab this beer blanket over a koozie the next time you find yourself fireside.

Adventurekeen S’more Recipe Book

I bet you’re thinking, I know how to make s’more what do I need a book for? This small recipe offers 55 recipes that will take your s’mores game to the next level.

Overall thoughts

I really liked the Nomadik Campfire Revelry box. I have used every single item that came in the box more than once, and the roasting fork is hands down my favorite. People always ask me where I got it from!

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