5 Reasons Why I Love The Roc Sup Co. Explorer

Raise your hand if you’re ready to hit the water this summer? I’ve been posting pictures and videos on my Instagram of me exploring the Great Lakes, rivers and lakes on my Explorer standup paddle board from Roc Sup Co., in the sun and rain.

One question that keeps coming up is what board would I recommend for a beginner, and to be honest the only board I ever recommend is the Explorer standup paddle board from Roc Sup. The board is great for everyone, dog and budget friendly. No joke! Last summer my aunt (who has no previous SUP experience) was able to paddle board around the lake on my board with NO issues. She didn’t fall off, and she loved it.

While this post is a humble brag about Roc Sup Co. having the BEST inflatable paddleboards on the market, I am giving you my top 7 reasons why I love my Explorer from Roc Sup Co.

5 reasons why I LOVE Roc Sup Co. Explorer

Price Point

The Explorer Standup Paddle Board from Roc Sup Co. typically runs for $699.95—which is a great price in general. Most inflatable SUPs will run you closer to $1000 and over, and Roc Sup offers boards that are just as good or better than the others on the market at the higher price point.
Pro Tip: Roc Sup Co. puts their SUP boards on sale often. For instance the Explorer Standup Paddle Board is currently $399.95—literally a steal!


The Roc Sup Co. Explorer comes with THREE fins (one is detachable), which makes this board truly engineered for stability. Cargo bungees at the front of the board allow you to stow essentials (I like to attach my keys, water bottle and cooler), EVA foam deck is comfortable even after hours on the water. The Explorer SUP features military grade construction. Plus plenty of room for your pup!

Dog Friendly

The grippy deck pad is design to stand up to your puppers claws, and won’t scratch or ding. Strap a life vest on your pup and enjoy fun in the sun with your best friend.


The all around shape of this board means versatile performance. You can ride with friends, do yoga, go fishing, have your four-legged friend join and more. Ride on lakes, rivers, inlets, lagoons, the ocean, the Roc Sup Co. Explorer standup paddle board is made to go everywhere.

Travel Friendly

The Roc Sup Co. Explorer standup paddle board comes with a large, comfortable backpack that is designed to hold the board and all of its accessories. Inflating and deflating is quick and easy. The high pressure hand pump makes inflating your standup paddle board anywhere a breeze.

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