The Nomadik Box: Worth Signing Up For?

As an outdoor and adventure enthusiast who is also a self-proclaimed product junkie, I was excited to partner with The Nomadik and see what their gear subscription boxes are all about. If you’re like me you’re probably wondering if The Nomadik subscription box is even worth signing up for? The quick answer is yes! It’s a must-have for any outdoor or adventure enthusiast. Below I am breaking down the box, and filling you in on any questions you may have in regards to the Nomadik box below.

You can also check out my Nomadik Welcome Box here.

What is The Nomadik Box?

The Nomadik box is a gear subscription box for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. Products found in the boxes are tested by a world-class adventurer in the field and given a “stamp of approval” before it goes in the box. The boxes come with a new theme each month and offer an excellent way to discover new gear, and brands while saving money.

What’s a gear subscription box?

A gear subscription box is a monthly commitment that shows up on your doorstep in the form of a box of outdoor, camping, or adventure gear. Gear boxes typically are a mix of products from headlamps to hammocks to tools, food, and more. During your monthly subscription, the products don’t repeat, and they are a mix of necessary, useful, and fun.

Does The Nomadik box fit the gear subscription model?

Yes, The Nomadik box does fit the gear subscription model, however, it elevates it through seasonal themes, lifestyle activities, and excellent brand partners to bring you gear that you actually want and need.

What brands will you find in The Nomadik?

Nomadik works with premium brands like Rumpl, Igloo, Solo Stove, Klymit, Grand Trunk, Gear Aid, Gerber, and more to bring you the best gear possible!

How much with a Nomadik box cost me?

Plans start at $29.99 and have a $60 average retail value. There are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees, and you can skip any month you want.

What’s in the Nomadik Welcome Box?

While each month the Nomadik provides great quality products, the Welcome Box is particularly special because it is packed with tons of awesome hear. The best part of the Nomadik Welcome Box is YOU get to pick your first box. Usually, there are three boxes for you to select from, all equally amazing.
My first box from Nomadik was the Campfire Revelry box, which had a retail value of $54. You can check it out here.

Are the boxes customizable?

While you can’t customize your monthly gearboxes, Nomadik does take into consideration what your likenesses are. Once you pick your first box, your other boxes will be based on your profile that you fill out during ordering. Nomadik wants to know if you’re a hiker, camper, backpacker, or something else, to help them refind the kind of gear they put in your box each month.
One of my favorite things about Nomadik is they also take the seasons into consideration. That means not only is Nomadik taking your interests into consideration but the season as well. Each box also comes with a monthly challenge, that relates to the activity theme and season. Prompting you to get outside as much as you’re able. And that’s something we all could use a little more of.

Are The Nomadik Outdoor Subscription Boxes worth it?

Yes, yes, yes! If you are outdoor or adventure enthusiast this monthly subscription gear box is a must for you. One of my favorite parts of the subscription box is the joy that comes with knowing unique, helpful products (that I may not know I needed) are on their way to me. I’ve discovered new brands, and tried products I wouldn’t necessarily have bought before. Not to mention they make the perfect gift for the outdoorsy or gear junkie in your life.

Checkout the Nomadik subscription boxes today!


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