Movie Review: Top Gun Maverick

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS IS HOW YOU DO A SEQUEL! Top Gun Maverick, you have BLOWN me away. Top Gun is one of my all time favorite movies, and when a classic gets a sequel 36 years later, you’re truly skeptical how it is going to turn out. But WOW. I truly don’t even know what else to say. Top Gun Maverick is the movie we didn’t even know we’ve been waiting for.

Hands down I would give Top Gun Maverick five stars, because let me tell you it deserves every single last one of those stars. Nods to the original, appearances by oldies and newbies. Loved that Iceman made an appearance. Talk to me goose is still relevant and always will be.

I’ll be real honest with you right now, Top Gun Maverick is the must see movie of the summer, and that’s truly all the details I am giving you. Go see it on the BIGGEST screen possible. You won’t be disappointed. I’m off to go see it for a THIRD time this weekend. Because, wow!

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