28 Things to Do in February (Quarantine Edition)


Hello February! For me, the entire month of February is Valentine\’s season. So this month\’s line-up of things to do is all about finding small ways to romance the everyday. Get the most out of this month with fragrant flowers, good food, and of course adventure. 

28 Things to Do in February

1. Start the month off with a fresh bouquet of flowers.
2. Love the Godiva Fruit Skewers? Make copycat Godiva Fruit Skewers at home!
3. Curl up with a good book and bowl of 1950\’s pink popcorn.
4. It\’s National Soup Day today. Try your hand at a new soup recipe or go with a classic favorite. I am thinking about making a chowder. 
5. Make a DIY Valentine\’s bouquet. Here is one that is quick, easy, and my favorite.
6. Support a local restaurant and get takeout. 
7. It\’s Superbowl Sunday! Make some game days snacks for Superbowl 55.
8. Head outside for a snowy adventure.
9. Happy National Pizza Day! As if we need a holiday to order pizza. Shake things up, and order pizza from someplace new, or make your own at home.
10. Sweeten the day with homemade chocolate-covered strawberries.
11.  Pamper yourself with Valentine\’s Day mani and pedi. 
12. Celebrate the Chinese New Year with some delicious Chinese takeout. I might even make some homemade eggrolls
13. Make a Valentine\’s themed breakfast (think heart-shaped pancakes and fruit), light some candles, turn on a movie and enjoy breakfast in bed. 
14. Happy Valentine\’s Day! Do something nice for yourself. Despite being single I have always loved Valentine\’s Day, it\’s my favorite holiday and I completely embrace it. Whether you\’re single or in a relationship romance the day with chocolate, flowers, and everything pink!
15. Write five things you love about yourself on a sticky note and place it on your mirror as a reminder every day.
16. Ever since I went to New Orleans around Mardi Gras I have been in love with everything about it. Don\’t forget to order a King Cake to enjoy today! Or you can make your own King Cake.
17. It\’s Random Act of Kindness Day! No matter if you do something large or small, find a way to be the light in someone else\’s day. 
19. Continue Valentine\’s Day festivities and make something sweet for dessert. I am going to make these cream puffs
20. Today is National Love Your Pet Day. Please, I need a day for this. I love up on Jackers every single day. If you have a dog I suggest making that little cute Jack\’s favorite dog treats. 
21. Igloos are still popular, and the perfect way to dine outdoors and stay cozy.
22. Go ice skating!
23. Celebrate National Banana Bread Day with a delicious homemade loaf. 
24. National Tortilla Day? You don\’t have to tell me twice. I\’ll be making loaded nachos today.
25. Visit a town you haven\’t been to before and play tourist.
26. Make some simple DIY heart chocolates.
27. Head to your local zoo, because today is National Polar Bear Day! 
28. It\’s National Floral Design Day! Pick up some assorted blooms and assemble a bouquet yourself.  Why not make a floral cake

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