Zoya Spring 2021: Darling

Zoya Darling Spring 2021

Zoya just introduced the Darling Collection for Spring 2021, and I couldn\’t think of a more fitting name for this collection. The Darling Collection features an array of effortless and fun shades that are sure to leave you feeling like an elegant lady. In this stunning collection, you will find subdued tones and bright pops of color all in a cream formula. I am excited for the polishes to be creams, as I am not feeling glitter vibes this year. Now let\’s meet these Darling beauties. 
Zoya Spring 2021: Darling

Val can best be described as a relaxing mid-tone sky blue cream.
I love the subtle moody elegance this blue has. 

Kayleigh can best be described as a calming light lilac purple cream.
This color has me dreaming of walking around the lilac festival on Mackinac Island during the spring. I can definitely see it on repeat. 

Mara can best be described as a soft, muted rose-toned mauve cream.
You know you can\’t get through spring without a mauve and I am so interested to see how this one looks on. 

Tweedy can best be described as a bright and uplifting bubble-gum pink cream.
I think I squealed a little too loud with joy when I saw Tweedy. I have been telling my bff how I want a pretty bubble-gum pink this spring and wow Zoya did you deliver! I am dying to try this one on! 

Ella can best be described as a refreshing coral cream with a kiss of pink undertones. 
Get ready to dream of beach days, this coral looks like it\’s out of a dream! 

Joyce can best be described as a juicy hot pink cream.
Hello, summertime transitional color!

Overall I am beyond excited to get my hands on this collection. It is absolutely darling! 

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