2020 Winter Bucket List

Welcome winter! We\’ve had a mild start to our Michigan winter, and I am hoping that maybe the official start to winter will bring on some snow. Without further ado, here\’s my 2020 winter bucket list! I can\’t wait for snowy adventures, making more hot cocoa bombs, and try out ice fishing. Since we are still in the midst of a pandemic, I made sure that all the activities on my list could be done safely. Be sure to share your progress with me on Instagram and be sure to let me know anything else you\’ve added to your list!

2020 Winter Bucket List

1. Go ice skating
2. Dine in an igloo
3. Shop local
4. Go snowshoeing
5. Cozy cabin getaway in the woods
6. Take a snowy hike
7. Build a snowman
8. Do an act of kindness
9. Start a journal
10. Unplug for 24 hours
11. Cross country ski
12. Have a bonfire, and make a s\’mores board
13. Build a snowman
14. Make hot cocoa bombs
15. Take a virtual cooking class
16. Make pasties – an Upper Peninsula tradition
17. Adventure off on a wintery road trip
18. Give ice fishing a try
19. Light a bunch of candles
20. Try out a new soup recipe
21. Make a delicious brunch board
22. Create a vision board with 2021 goals

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