Exploring Tillson Street in Romeo Michigan


When it comes to Halloween, one of my favorite traditions is to visit Tillson Street in Romeo, Michigan. Tillson Street is best known for elaborate Halloween displays that adorn the homeowner\’s front yards. With COVID-19 still lingering and cases increasing daily, I wasn\’t sure that my favorite Halloween tradition would be happening this year. I am excited to announce that a lot of things may have been ruined in 2020, but the spirit of Tillson Street was not one of them. 

Terror on Tillson Street is in fact happening, and it looks a little different this year. About 3/4 of the houses are participating and the houses that draw the biggest crowds (my favorite display the ball for example) are not present. Even though the heavy hitters may not be up for your viewing pleasure there are still plenty of houses for you to checkout on Tillson Street to give you your Halloween fix. 

Don\’t forget to check out the street over from Tillson Street, where you\’ll find even more spooktacular decorations to enjoy (I especially love the ghosts). Here is a peek at my 2020 Terror on Tillson Street adventure.

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