Michigan Autumn Tradition: Yates Cider Mill

With a history that dates back to 1863, Yates Cider Mill is one of my favorite autumn traditions in Michigan. The Clinton River cascades over the Yates Dam (located across the street from the cider mill), creates the stream that the cider mill uses for water power. In 1876 the Yates family installed a cider press and incorporated the press into their existing water-powered process where they began to produce the best Michigan apple cider. 

Today you can enjoy the same kind of fresh 100 percent all-natural apple cider that folks enjoyed back in 1876 at Yates Cider Mill – seriously how cool is that? 

What is a cider mill?
A cider mill is a location and equipment used to crush apples into apple juice for use in making apple cider. 

Does all apple cider taste the same?
Nope, all apple cider does not taste the same. The taste and color of the apple cider will change over the course of the fall season. In late August or early September apples such as Ginger Golds and Paula Reds will make up the apple cider and give it a lighter juice color as well as a tart flavor. As the season progresses more apple varieties ripen and come available. By mid-October, as many as six different varieties of apples are combined to make the apple cider. 

While I love apple cider from Yates Cider Mill from the beginning of the season to the end of the season I do have a personal favorite time to pick up some apple cider. I love the mid-October apple cider from Yates Cider Mill. As mentioned above as many as six different varieties of apples are combined to make the mid-October apple cider and it gives it a taste like never before. I typically buy multiple gallons so I can freeze them and enjoy a glass of hot apple cider all winter long.

How many apples does it take to make a gallon of cider?
It takes about 40 apples to make a gallon of apple cider.

Can you freeze apple cider?
Yes! I love to freeze mine, let it thaw out and then heat it up in the winter with some mulling spices on a chilly day. 

Where is Yates Cider Mill located?
The historic site of Yates Cider Mill is located at:
1990 E Avon Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

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