Kroger Chefbot: Recipe Ideas from your Pantry Items

Meet Kroger Chefbot

Figuring out what is for dinner, has become harder than ever – especially for those of us who are single. I have managed to cook my way through my Pinterest board and am getting sick of making the same thing weekly, so I have started to resort to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner.

While parents hear \”what\’s for dinner?\” my friends hear it from me, because I am always looking for new ideas. If you\’re like me and are completely exhausted in the kitchen there is a new solution. Let me introduce you to Chefbot.

Kroger recently launched Chefbot, a first-of-its-kind AI Twitter tool that delivers personalized recipe recommendations based on ingredients you already have in your kitchen. You simply tweet @KrogerChefbot three ingredients you have, and you will be provided with some delicious ideas for dinner. I have used the Kroger Chefbot a few times now, and it has definitely sparked some new inspiration.

I am loving salmon lately, but keep preparing it the same way, so I let Kroger Chefbot help with dinner. My kitchen was looking pretty bare and I only tweeted Chefbot two ingredients: salmon and rice. Kroger Chefbot came back with some delicious recipes and ultimately I decided on Crispy Rice Salmon.

If you\’re struggling with dinner ideas, I highly recommend giving Kroger Chefbot a try.

How does Chefbot work?

Snap: Users snap a photo of three ingredients from their refrigerator or pantry

Tweet: Users tweet their photo to @KrogerChefbot. Through artificial intelligence, Chefbot identifies ingredients and then scans thousands of unique recipes on

Cook: Within seconds, Chefbot responds to the user’s original tweet to deliver a list of personalized recipe recommendations based on the selected ingredients

Interested in giving Chefbot a try? 
Click HERE to tweet your ingredients to Chefbot
and begin cooking your next meal.

More about Chefbot right from Kroger

“Last year, we launched Kroger’s Fresh for Everyone brand transformation campaign to underscore our commitment and belief that everyone should have access to fresh, affordable and delicious food,” said Mandy Rassi, Kroger’s vice president of marketing. “Chefbot is one of the ways we’re delivering on that brand promise by making it even easier for our customers to achieve their meal aspirations, especially as the majority of shoppers are eating meals prepared at home multiple times a day during the pandemic. We’re thrilled to partner with industry thought leaders like 360i, Coffee Labs and Clarifai to bring Chefbot to our customers, and we look forward to this innovative technology inspiring fresh and delicious meals in kitchens across the country.”

Chefbot provides an interactive experience to help make life at home more manageable and reinforces Kroger’s commitment to Fresh for Everyone as well as encourages professional foodies and amateur cooks alike to utilize use all the food found in their pantries to help reduce food waste. Chefbot’sexperience includes multiple touchpoints, offering fun social engagement through Twitter paired with e-commerce integration. Over time with learned insights, Chefbot’s food recognition and recipe search technology will evolve and improve, allowing the possibilities of this powerful tool to advance. 

\”Never has it been more necessary for people to be able to find quick, sustainable, and easy solutions for making meals at home – and no place makes it easier for food brands to engage directly with these people than Twitter,” said Dennis Bree, Twitter’s Director of Catalyst + Government & Causes. “Through the use of innovative technology, Kroger is bringing meal-time inspiration to the people on Twitter who are actively Tweeting about the need for new recipes more than ever before.\” 

“Chefbot illustrates how marketers can tap into augmented intelligence to deliver true service and value,” said Menno Kluin, Chief Creative Officer, 360i. “Innovation often happens during times of seismic change. By leveraging visual AI in a bold new way, Kroger is bringing their promise of Fresh for Everyone to life while addressing pain points and helping shoppers maximize their purchases.”

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