Metro Detroit U-Pick Wildflower Farm

Brighten up your home with a trip out to the country for some hand-picked flowers from Vanhoutte Farms. This past weekend my mum and I headed out to Vanhoutte Farms to pick some wildflowers. The farm featured everything from gorgeous sunflowers to zinnias, asters, cosmos, snapdragons, marigolds, and more. 
No matter what your age is, you\’re sure to fall in love with this stunning u-pick farm. When we arrived at the farm, we went to check-in (this is so they know who is on the farm) and get our clippers. We each got a mason jar to fill with flowers that we picked in the u-pick wildflower field. We both had so much fun creating the perfect bouquet of wildflowers. 

If you\’re looking for something fun to do, I highly recommend heading to Vanhoutte Farms to pick some gorgeous wildflowers. Vanhoutte Farms is a family-owned farm and is located at 69475 Romeo Plank Road in Armada, Michigan. The farm offers an enchanting experience that won\’t disappoint. They even have a morning glory teepee that should be blooming soon and I cannot wait to see it. 

Pro Tip: For those that are local I 1000% recommend Vanhoutte Farms over Westview Orchard when it comes to sunflowers. My mum spent nearly $100 for her and I to pick sunflowers at Westview. When we arrived the sunflowers weren\’t even to my waist (and I am 4\’10\”), not to mention there were hardly any flowers. Vanhoutte, on the other hand, charged $12 for a mason jar that you can fill with sunflowers and wildflowers. Vanhoutte Farm also sold large sunflowers for $3 each.

If you are looking to visit a sunflower farm or get lost in wildflowers, I highly recommend Vanhoutte Farms. Not only are they polite and caring, but the farm is also gorgeous and is the real deal. 

Have you found your way to a wildflower or sunflower farm this year? If not, what are you waiting for? Get out there and support your local family-owned wildflower or sunflower farm. 

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