Cute Finds at this Farm Fresh Honest Shop


2020 has been one of those years where a curveball seems to be thrown around every corner. The year is nothing that any of us expected. Instead of wallowing, I have decided to make the most out of the year, and am learning to love the little things. 

I am a big supporter of local farms and have always found myself going to the same ones that my family has gone to for generations. That is until this year. This year I have have made it a priority to discover other farms. One of my friends recently posted about a family-owned farm that specializes in flowers, and you know I had to go.

Let me introduce you to Stella Farm\’s adorable Shue Shed

Who is Stella Farm?
Stella Farm is a family-owned farm that specializes in happy, healthy, sustainable cut flowers for the community to enjoy. Stella Farm serves local florist with wholesale flowers, DIYers with buckets of blooms, as well as bouquets for anyone to pick up in the Shue Shed. Stella Farm also provides workshops and photography.

What is the Shue Shed?
Located in Richmond, Michigan alongside a country dirt road just east of DeLand Road on the south side of Shue Road, you will find The Shue Shed is Stella Farm\’s adorable honest shop. Follow Stella Farm on social media to see when there will be goodies in their self serve honest shop. 

What can you find in the Shue Shed?
The Shue Shed is open seasonally, May through October and you can find it stocked with anything from hand-tied, amazing smelling, all-natural, organic seed-to-vase bouquets, free-range pastured eggs, honey, and a variety of other items. Visit Stella Farms on social media to see the next time the Shue Shed will be stocked.  

My visit to the Shue Shed
This past weekend, Jack and I went on an adventure out to the Shue Shed and it\’s even cuter in person. The tiny honest shop featured fresh eggs, tomatoes, and the most gorgeous bouquets. Good thing there were only two to select from when I arrived because I had a hard enough time deciding between the two.

If you live locally, I highly recommend visiting the Shue Shed when it is open and supporting a local farmher!

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