31 Things to Do in August (Quarantine Edition)


Hello August! Summer is flying by, and the arrival of August is a reminder that summer will soon be coming to a close and I need to soak up as much of it as I can. Thanks to COVID, this hasn\’t been the most exciting summer, but I am trying to make the best of it. Instead of venturing out of state for travels like planned, I have stayed in locally. Even though I am not traveling, I am spending more time outside than ever before. I have spent hours in a kayak or on my paddleboard, gotten lost in the woods, and really just branched out. I hope you\’re having the best out of your summer and are able to truly savor what is left of it.

Even though life looks different right now, there are still plenty of things that you can do safely. While restaurants are allowed to be open here, I am still not ready to dine-in. I know some of you are doing more than others and if you\’re like me and avoiding people I hope you enjoy these 31 things to do in August will inspire you to soak up what is left of the season.
1. Take a hike on a trail you\’ve never been on before.
2. Grill pizza on the BBQ. My favorite is fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil on Naan bread. 

3. \”I carried a watermelon!\” Today is National watermelon day. Enjoy some fresh cut melon while you watch Dirty Dancing.

4. Go for a bike ride around town or a new city. 
5. Peach season has started here in Michigan and it\’s the perfect opportunity for homemade peach ice cream.

6. Sunflower farms are all the trend this year, and the perfect way to add some sunshine to your day.

7. It\’s national lighthouse day. If you live in the Great Lakes state make sure you visit one of the 124 beautiful lighthouses before summer ends. Note: due to COVID many lighthouses will not let you climb inside this year.

8. It\’s tomato season! Head to a local farm or farmers market to pick up some delicious Michigan grown tomatoes. 

9. Wake up early and head out to catch the sunrise over the water.

10. Support small and do some shopping locally instead of online.
11. Head to the beach for a relaxing day listening to the waves crash.

12. Take in the sights of a nearby city that you\’ve never visited or have not visited before. 

13. Go kayaking down the river. It\’s not only a great way to social distance with friends, but a fun way to enjoy the end of summer and take in some great views.

14. Summer ice popsicle and ice cream season and the iconic creamsicle is the perfect blend of both. So why not celebrate national creamsicle day with one. You can bet Jack will be getting some licks of an orange creamsicle.

15. Don\’t miss your chance to watch a sunset or two. 

16. Print out your favorite pictures or make a book of your favorite pictures from this year. 

17. Have a picnic in the park.

18. Send some snail mail to friends. 

19. Grab some ice cream from a local shop.  

20. Catch a movie at a local drive-in theater. 

21. Have a backyard bonfire and don\’t forget the s\’mores!

22. Get out of town and do some car camping.

23. Go for a bike ride around town or a new city. 

24. Make a signature dessert from a place you want to visit. My mum and I will be making some traditional macarons…yum!

25. Clean your car out (mine has a lot of sand in it).

26. Support small and do some shopping locally instead of online.

27. Sit on the end of a dock and go fishing.

28. Paint an art project.

29. Give horseback riding a try.

30. Visit your local zoo.

31. Take a scenic drive. 

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