Five Things

Can you believe today is the end of week 20 in quarantine and the last day in July? Despite staying home and safe and doing no traveling, summer is just flying by. I have been doing my best to enjoy simple pleasures.

Temperatures have been holding steady here in Michigan in the upper 80s and 90s plus humidity, therefore I have found myself spending plenty of time indoors-where Jack discovered his love for fans. 
This week my aunt and I adventured to Detroit to grab another lobster roll, and I ended up skipping the lobster roll and getting the smoked fish club, which was an amazing decision. My mum and I went on a little day trip to Port Huron and I received a fun stained glass package I won from Cellar Door Trades – if you have not discovered their work yet I highly recommend checking them out. 
I hope you had a wonderful week and enjoy your weekend!

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