31 Things to Do in July (Quarantine Edition)

Hello July! \’Tis the season for backyard BBQs, trips to the beach, sunsets, and bonfires. Thankfully, all of these can be done fairly safely during these uncertain times. Since July is a sun-soaked month here in Michigan, and many other places, I have included lots of fun ways to get outside so you can get the most out of summer.

1. Be confident when you step out in flip flops or go barefoot at the beach, and give yourself a pedicure. I am loving neon pink, coral, yellow, and teal.

2. Make homemade graham crackers.

3. Take a day trip to a local metro park, state park, or national forest. Don\’t forget to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy.

4. Happy Fourth of July! While your community fireworks and parade activities are canceled there are still plenty of ways to celebrate. Open a box of sparklers, grill out, or play some yard games.

5. If you\’ve never been camping before, this is the perfect year for you to give it a try. Campsites are a great way to keep everyone socially distanced. Bonus points if you find a campsite near the water.

6. Head out on the water and give kayaking or paddle boarding a try. Most metro parks rent kayaks and paddle boards.

7. Whether you\’re heading to a drive-in theater or taking a TV outside make sure you enjoy a movie outdoors with plenty of snacks.

8. Eat some watermelon! Watermelon is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day.

9. Celebrate national sugar cookie day, by whipping up a batch of cookies to decorate. Here is my favorite sugar cookie recipe.

10. Drop some food or toys off to the dogs at a local shelter.

11. It\’s national Rainer cherry day. Whether you pick some Rainer cherries at a local farm or buy them in the grocery store – today is the perfect day to add a little sweetness into your life.

12. Why not rent a canoe and take an adventure around a local lake?

13. National forest week begins. Why not visit your favorite national forest to celebrate.

14. National mac and cheese day. Whether you make it at home or grab it for takeout (hello lobster mac and cheese) today is the perfect day to indulge in some delicious macaroni and cheese.

15. Grill some kabobs, my favorite is sweet and sour kabobs with chicken, pineapple, and plenty of peppers.

16. Rubber ducky, swan or dragon paddle boats move at a leisurely pace and are a great way to get out onto a lake. Today is one of my friend\’s birthdays and we\’ll be spending it peddling around on a rubber ducky I believe. Don\’t forget the sunscreen!

17. National peach ice cream day, and I\’ll be sharing my favorite peach ice cream recipe this week.

18. Visit a local farmers market and buy fresh produce, honey, jams, and more.

19. It\’s national ice cream day, celebrate by visiting your favorite local ice cream shop.

20. It\’s national ice cream soda day, and I am beyond excited. When I was younger my grandma would take me to this soda shoppe in downtown Romeo. We\’d get cherry sodas and a tuna fish sandwich. Unfortunately, the soda shoppe is no longer there, but the memory will remain forever. That\’s why today I will be recreating that memory. If you don\’t have a soda shoppe near you why not make a Boston cooler or root beer float at home?

21. Give fishing a try. Whether you\’re in a boat or onshore, fishing offers the perfect way for you to relax.

22. National hammock day is the perfect opportunity to grab your hammock and hang it in the woods, or set it up somewhere outside and just enjoy nature.

23. Make a batch of homemade pickles.

24. Taco salad is one of my favorite summer staples, why not make some today?

25. Play a round of bocce ball in your backyard.

26. Head out for a hike.

27. It\’s national crème brûlée day, why not make some at home or order it to go from your favorite restaurant or bakery.

28. Take a bike ride around town.

29. Get up early and watch a beautiful summer sunrise.

30. Why not paint a picture today, it\’s a fun way to relax and a great way to get some new art in your house.

31. Did you know today is national avocado day? Why not celebrate by whipping up a batch of guacamole or indulging in avocado toast.

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