Social Distancing at the Detroit Zoo

[Traditional Detroit Zoo picture]

We\’re in week 16 of quarantine, and I did something big… I went to the Detroit Zoo. If you know me, you know that the ONLY thing I have done is go to grocery stores. I have not casual shopped, nor have a dined in a restaurant. So going to the Detroit Zoo was kind of a really big deal for me.

On Tuesday, my aunt and I headed to Royal Oak to visit the Detroit Zoo during our designated time slot of 9:30am. Aside from staying six feet away from other guests, the Detroit Zoo makes all visitors wear a mask the entire time they are at the zoo. They also do not allow guests in most of the buildings (including the polar bears), to keep the guests and animals safe.

Why did I decide to go to the Detroit Zoo?
The Detroit Zoo is one of my favorite places to visit year-round – yes even in the winter. With everything being shut down I was disappointed that I was not headed to the zoo every week. When the zoo was able to open back up, I knew that despite being an OCD germaphobe I would be heading to the zoo. Why? Because, even on a busy summer day, you can easily avoid people at the zoo. You\’re in an open spacious area with plenty of places to roam away from people, and that is why I felt safe enough to go to the zoo.

The Detroit Zoo during a quarantine
Every precaution is in place, and it\’s amazing. The Detroit Zoo makes EVERYONE yes, EVERYONE wear a mask. Even though you are outside, masks are required at all times. There are some large open areas that say you can take off your mask, other than that keep it on. There is hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE, make sure you use it as often as you need it. Anything you can climb on, or pose with for a picture is blocked to prevent the spread of germs. You\’re kept out of buildings (the polar bears) to ensure that the zoo has a constant flow and no area is getting backed up with the people. I felt SAFE while I was at the Detroit Zoo.

If you\’re looking to get away for the day, I highly recommend the Detroit Zoo. They make you feel safe, and all the employees and volunteers are very helpful. I would recommend bringing your own food in as well as water bottles – the drinking fountains are all closed and with good reason.

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