Zoya Splash Summer 2020 Swatches

Back at the beginning of May, Zoya released it\’s summer 2020 nail polish collection entitled Splash. The collection featured a variety of classic creams as well as a few micro-shimmers. I recently received Zoya\’s Splash collection and you know I had to swatch it up for you.

My initial thoughts when looking at the colors of the collection were, Splash looked like more of a transition collection and not a summer collection. Prior to polishing my nails in the colors, I was underwhelmed. However, once I swatched up my fingers I absolutely fell in love. Jodi is the perfect cotton candy pink, while Harbor is my must-have toe polish color for the summer and Corinna is ideal for any bride.

Let\’s dive into Zoya\’s 2020 summer collection Splash and take a closer look at each color.

Zoya Summer 2020 Nail Polish Collection SPLASH

Eclipse is a glistening silver with tiny holographic rainbow sparkles. I was hoping that the holographic pieces would be bigger, but unfortunately, they were incredibly small. Add Eclipse over any Zoya polish for a sparkly splash.

Whenever I go to a carnival my first stop is any truck that has pink cotton candy. Not only do I love the sugary rush, but I absolutely adore the color. If you\’re like me and always on the hunt for that sugary pink cotton candy nail polish color, meet Jodi. Jodi is the quintessential cotton candy pink and is one of my favorite colors in Zoya\’s Splash collection.

Do you love peachy corally colors? If so, Emma is the girl for you. This beautiful peachy coral cream looks amazing on your nails or toes and is hands down my new favorite coral color.

Leilani is a glistening raspberry hue with gold micro-shimmer.

If you\’re looking for a sweet cherry color with gold micro-shimmer then Celi is your girl.

Looking to make a statement? Greta is your gal! This cream polish is a cross between a cherry and tomato red and is definitely ready for a night out on the town.

Looking for a color that is more on the professional side of the spectrum? Kristie is your girl then. This deep magenta cream adds a pop of color without being in your face loud.

I am not a fan of anything purple, but I have to be honest, I kind of fell in love with this violet cream. Jessica is one of the prettiest purples that I have ever seen, and it complements boho style very nicely.

If nautical colors are your summer anthem then Maren is going to be your must-have nauti blue hue.

Meet Harbor, my favorite color of the collection. Harbor is currently on my toes, and I don\’t think I have ever received so many compliments from a polish before. This tropical sea green is a summer must-have. If you\’re going to buy any color this summer, I highly recommend Harbor.

Does your wedding need something blue? Fisher is a stunning seafoam with gold micro-glitters.

Lastly, we have Corinna the color I thought Zoya was absolutely nuts for having in their summer collection. Then I swatched it on my nails, and it\’s the PERFECT blush color for a wedding. This blush-colored polish features a slight golden sheen and is absolutely stunning.

Overall, I thought I would be underwhelmed with the Zoya 2020 Summer Collection Splash, but it was actually quite the opposite. I fell in love with colors that I never would have thought that I would love. If you\’re looking to make a splash this summer when it comes to your nails, I highly recommend Zoya\’s summer 2020 nail polish collection.

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