30 Things to Do in June (Quarantine Edition)

And, with a blink of the eye, we are welcoming June. As we move into June, states are starting to open back up, the weather is getting nicer and I am finding myself spending even more time at home. With that being said, I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. I hope you enjoy these 30 things to do during the month of June.

1. Load up your car with blankets, pillows and of course yummy snacks and head to a drive-in movie! With social distancing being a priority right now, random drive-in movie theaters are popping up, and I couldn\’t be more pleased.

2. Order a new beach towel.

3. Happy World Bicycle Day! Grab your bike and go for a ride on your favorite trail, head to your favorite local state park, take a spin around a local metro park or just ride around your neighborhood.

4. Today is National Cheese Day! In honor of national cheese, day make a delicious cheese board with all your favorites.

5. Donut miss out! Today is National Donut Day! Grab a donut from your favorite local shop today.

6. Head out to your favorite trail or check out a new one in honor of National Trails Day!

7. Have a bonfire in the backyard and make some s\’mores.

8. Celebrate National Best Friends Day today! Do something special for your BFFs today, I highly recommend snail mail to your BFFs that do not live close and a porch dropoff to those that are near.

9. Support your favorite local restaurant and grab carryout.

10. Did you know today is Herbs and Spices Day! Head to the kitchen and put your spice mixing skills to the test! Or you can be like me and order carryout from man Indian restaurant.

11. Head to the lake and take in the scenery on a kayak or standup paddleboard.

12. I absolutely love grilling, and with this warmer weather, I am grilling up caesar salad, kabobs, fish, and more.

13. Head on over to your local farmers market and grab some fresh flowers, fruits, veggies, and more.

14. Not wanting to adventure out into public? No problem! Why not camp in your backyard?

15.  Visit your favorite local ice cream or custard shop.

16. Send positive notes and or gifts to friends.

17. Paint your nails a bright summer color.

18. It\’s International Picnic Day today! Picnics are one of my absolute favorite ways to enjoy dinner or lunch. Head to your backyard, a local park or the beach and enjoy sandwiches, salads and snacks.

19. Give yourself a pedicure at home.

20. Summer has officially arrived! Make a list of things you want to do this summer.

21. Get up early enough to catch a sunrise.

22. Take a nature hike on a trail you\’ve never been on before.

23. You guys! Today is National Pink Day! Celebrate by adding a little pink to your hair or nails or picking up a bouquet of pink flowers.

24. Take a virtual gym class. My friend M3 has been doing Zoom workout classes and they are brutal.

25. Dust off the rollerblades and go for a little skate around the park.

26. Make a homemade lemonade slushie! These have easily become my favorite.

27. Do a face mask this evening.

28. Head out on a road trip, even if it\’s just an hour away – get out and see something new.

29. Make homemade ice cream or popsicles.

30. Do some cooking over a campfire.

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