Zee Zees On-The-Go Snacks

If you’ve ever met me before, you know that I do not go anywhere without snacks. You’ll find them in my handbag, coat pocket, car, hiking bag – you get the point. I especially love bringing snacks with me when I go adventuring. I am a big fan of bars, trail mixes, sunflower seeds, and other on-the-go snacks. I especially love snacks that are from Michigan companies and recently discovered Zee Zees and while their snacks are designed with kids in mind, I absolutely love them when I am on the go.

Like I mentioned above, Zee Zees is a Michigan based company – which immediately moved them up on my favorite snack list. Zee Zees is all about having fun and making good foods in good ways with wholesome ingredients. Zee Zees is home to soft baked bars, sunflower kernels, Grahamz, dried fruit, applesauce, and even fruit cups. I always try to have a stash of their sunflower kernels, dried fruit, soft-baked bars, and Grahamz on hand.

Sunflower Kernels
Hands down, these are my absolute favorite Zee Zees snack and I always have them with me, especially for on-the-go adventures. Zee Zees Sunflower Kernels are portable protein power packs, that definitely help keep me going on the trail or while I am out paddleboarding. These sunflower kernels are what I packed in my bag and snacked on during my flight to Colorado back in December. The sunflower kernels come in three different flavors: roasted, honey roasted, and spicy. Currently, you’ll find the spicy sunflower kernels in my hiking bag.

Dried Fruit
You will always find Zee Zees dried fruit boxes in my hiking bag. They make the perfect trail snack no matter what the season is. Each box contains a mixture of raisins, golden raisins, dried pineapple, cranberries, and dried apples. I love pairing the dried fruit boxes with a handful of nuts or some of the Zee Zees sunflower kernels.

Soft Baked Bars
Hello breakfast on the go! I love Zee Zees soft baked bars when Jack and I head out for early morning hikes. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I had the cocoa cherry soft baked bars for breakfast yesterday morning, while we were out hiking. These portable bars are great for on the go or you can enjoy them while you’re having a Netflix movie night. Zee Zees soft baked bars are available in cocoa cherry (favorite), cinnamon crisp, berry apple crisp, oatmeal cocoa chip, strawberry crisp, campfire s’mores (favorite), blueberry lemon (need to try) and birthday cake (favorite).

Zee Zees Grahamz is available in four flavors: french toast, original, birthday cake, and strawberry. These Grahamz are a dippable size and I love pairing the original Grahamz at night with yogurt mixed with peanut butter for dessert. The playful packaging makes them a fun snack for kids, so I always make sure I have a couple of bags with me when I go out with friends and their kids.

I love the fact that Zee Zees has created a whole world for children based on where the Zee Zees characters. If you’re like me and do not have children, you’ll still enjoy what Zee Zees has to offer, as the fun branding not only draws in children but adults as well. Don’t forget to follow along on my (snacking) adventures on Instagram to see what I take with me all summer long.

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