Five Things

Hello Friday! It\’s so nice to see you, even though you have brought frigid temperatures and snow flurries. We have just concluded week 8 of quarantine here in Michigan. While some states are starting to open back up, our governor just extended the stay-at-home order until May 28th, which I am not surprised about. People just aren\’t following protocol here in Michigan, and that has been made clear by the insane numbers that we currently have in regards to Covid-19. Enough about that though, let\’s talk about this week!

Despite temperatures being in the 30\’s right now, this past week was absolutely gorgeous. I spent plenty of time outside soaking up the sun and even met my friend for a socially distanced lunch date from the back of our cars – where we enjoyed takeout from a local favorite.

I have been into vibes lately and was stoked to try out New Wave Soda – you know how much I love sparkling beverages and I am obsessed with all the flavors – grapefruit is my favorite.

On the topic of vibes, I have absolutely been loving the bracelets from Aspyn Jewelry. You can create custom bracelets, buy pre-made stacks as well as singles. Each piece of Aspyn Jewelry features healing properties that are sure to bring you some amazing vibes.

With the nicer weather, Jack and I found ourselves spending plenty of time outside and even discovered some spring flowers popping up.

We hope you have a fabulous weekend and don\’t forget to follow along on Instagram and see what we are up to all weekend.

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