Emma Erla Design Co

With or without a pandemic I am a huge fan of supporting local businesses, especially small businesses, and Etsy shops. I recently discovered Emma Erla Design Co., which is home to the cutest Big \’O\’ Wristlets, Keychains, and more. The best part is Emma Erla Design Co. is based in Michigan!

If you know me you know that I absolutely love cutesy accessories, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the Emma Erla Design Co. Etsy shop. My favorite accessory is the Big \’O\’ Wristlet. When it comes to keychains I am all about function, I love once that you can hang off your wrist, and this wristlet definitely steps up the keychain game. The Big \’O\’ Wristlet fits up your arm and living in Michigan with the current state of things, I am absolutely obsessed with it! When I go grocery shopping I attach my little \”wallet\” (it only fits my license and a charge card) to the jump ring alongside my keys. I keep the keychain high up on my arm and can easily access everything when I go to checkout and get back to my chair. The Big \’O\’ Wristlet definitely takes away a little bit of stress that comes with going grocery shopping while living in a hot zone.

The beaded keychains at Emma Erla Design Co. are simple yet chic. You can find anything from keychains that channel a Michigan woodland area or something as bright as a sunset. Whatever kind of simple keychain you\’re looking for Emma Erla Design Co is sure to have one to match your style.

With everything going on (here in Michigan we are still on a massive shutdown), I wanted to do something to send friends some positive vibes and thought that a keychain would be perfect. With the wide variety, Emma Erla Design Co. offers I have been able to find keychains that match all my girlfriend\’s personalities from the dessert dweller to the unicorn lover.

Why not spread some positive vibes and brighten your girlfriends days with a goodie from Emma Erla Design Co. on Etsy!

Stay up to date with all the new Emma Erla Design Co. releases on Instagram or visit her Etsy shop to get your shop on.

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