31 Things to Do in May (Quarantine Edition)

And just like that May has arrived. While some states are starting to lift their stay-at-home orders, Michigan is still in a state of emergency and was are 50 days as of tomorrow in quarantine. I know that spending time at home is getting to be difficult – trust me I am struggling probably more than you are. However, I will gladly stay safe at home if it means that loved ones are not being buried. This month\’s installment of my Things to Do serious will be another quarantine addition. It\’s a new month and a new opportunity to learn something new, discover what inspires you, and of course, catch up on your favorite shows. I hope you are all doing well safe at home and enjoy these 31 things to do in May.

1. Bring back the tradition of May Day. Gather flowers, candies, and other goodies to put in a \”basket\” and leave at your friends, family and neighbors doorstep. This is a tradition that everyone could use right now.

2. Commit to get ready each and every day. With losing my job, my motivation has been less than stellar. In fact, it\’s been abysmal. On Thursday I decided to get it together and get dressed, that\’s right I put on jeans. Even though I have nowhere to go I just feel better when I get dressed.

3. Take a walk and check out all of the spring blooms that are starting to pop up.

4. \’May the Fourth Be With You!\’ Happy Star Wars Day! Celebrate by watching your favorite Star Wars movie.

5. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with tacos or nachos.

6. Hop on the House Party app and play games with friends.

7. It\’s National Tourism Day! While we may not be able to travel right now it\’s the perfect opportunity for you to plan a trip. I am thinking of car camping this year, so I am planning on doing some midwest travel if we end up getting released back into the wild.

8. Head to the nursery and grab some flowers, vegetables, and herbs to create your own garden.

9. If you haven\’t made bread yet, are you really even in quarantine? I posted my fool proof dutch oven no knead artisan bread. With only five ingredients it\’s the easiest recipe you will make!

10. Happy Mother\’s Day to all the mama\’s out there!

11. Have a cooking night with friends! Hop on zoom and have everyone make their favorite pizza and show it!

12. Create the ultimate s\’mores dessert board and have a campfire.

13. Don\’t forget to grab sunscreen and bug spray the next time you\’re at the store.

14. Take a relaxing bubble bath and just enjoy some \”me time.\”

15. Grab some carryout from your favorite local restaurant.

16. Don\’t forget to continue to support local!

17. Start a DIY project. I just made myself a scrunchie and Jack a matching bandana.

18. Go through your closet and bag up the clothing you no longer wear.

19. Give yourself a pedicure so your feet are ready to hit the streets or the backyard in flip flops.

20. Surprise a friend or family member with a delicious porch delivery.

21. Don\’t forget your pet needs loving too. Give them a bath, make them their favorite treat or give them extra belly rubs.

22. Try a new color of nail polish on your nails.

23. Have you started a new hobby yet? If not, what are you waiting for? I\’m currently looking for a fun cross-stitch kit to try.

24. Plan your dream vacation. Start budgeting, pricing out hotels, flights and experiences. Find out when the perfect time to go is and create a Pinterest board to back up the adventure. I am going to work on planning out a trip to Iceland and Banff!

25. Make a fun summer salad to enjoy outside.

26. Set aside no screen time. While on hikes I am keeping my phone in my pack so I can just enjoy the moment.

27. Send a handwritten card to someone to let them know that you\’re thinking about them.

28. Turn your bedroom into a hotel and bake some DoubleTree signature chocolate chip cookies.

29. Experiment in the kitchen and come up with a new recipe. I create this Hawaiian Fried Rice and I am literally obsessed.

30. Organize that room that you have been putting off.

31. I don\’t know what life will be like today, what kind of quarantine we will be in, but I do know this has taught me that life is precious and you never know what tomorrow will bring. Spread positivity energy and love to everyone you see. Even though we are all walking around the grocery store wearing a mask and you cannot see someone smile. Saying \”hello\” goes a long way and can completely change someone\’s day. I hope you all are doing well and I will see you tomorrow for the June edition of Things to Do – hopefully, it will involve some \”normal\” life.

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