Five Things

Dear May, please be kind to us. Today is day 49 of quarantine for me and the end of week seven. As I am sure you have heard, Michigan specifically the Metro Detroit area is in a very rough state. This week we broke the 40,000 COVID case mark and every day at least 100 people are paying away from the virus. These people are dying alone, and it honestly breaks my heart into a million pieces. Yesterday, Michigan\’s Governor extended Michigan\’s emergency and disaster declaration to May 28. It looks like we are in this for the long haul, however if it prevents me from having to bury family and friends I will gladly stay home all summer long.

If you\’ve been following me for a while you know that I am not the sit at home type. My schedule is usually jam-packed with events and I find myself constantly exploring new hiking trails. The trails, however, have suddenly become an uneasy place for me. I am not a fan of the people, no one is keeping their distance and I never thought I would say this, but I do not want to be out on them. Last week Jack and I did our best to get out and do some exploring. In order to get us out moving faster, I used my Kurgo G-Train K-9 pack with him – which definitely helped us pick up the pace and do some different exploring.

I cannot believe tomorrow is my day 50 of quarantine. While I thought the time would go by slowly, it\’s actually gone by very quickly. Which could be because I was previously working. This past week was filled with major job hunting, bright and early trips through the woods, which lead to seeing the herons in their rookery, porch deliveries of bread, and of course plenty of snacking. How was your week? Keep up with what I am doing every day by following me on Instagram.

 [Great Blue Heron Rookery]
 [Making porch deliveries with goodies]
 [My current favorite trail snacks: Dearborn Brand Sausage and ZeeZees Snacks]
[My mum is doing better and even joined quarantine life by making banana bread]

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