Five Things

Yay for surviving week 5 in quarantine. Last week proved to be really hard for me, I even did online shopping for the first time – however, essentials were few and far in between. I ran out of toilet paper (worst nightmare ever) and had to ask my parents for a roll while I searched high and low for some. It seems as though everyone is still hoarding toilet paper and those of us who need it cannot actually get any.

Thankfully my mum is out of the hospital. She has a long recovery at home, but at least she is at home now. She supplied the snacks and roll of toilet paper. 

I picked up some macarons from Le Detroit Macaron before they temporarily closed. 

I made Easter dinner and made food deliveries to my parents and aunt. Dinner included Dearborn Brand Dearborn famous spiral ham (oh my gosh, so good), twice-baked potatoes, lemon and almond green beans, coleslaw and pineapple upside-down cupcakes for dessert. 

My aunt and I were discussing how we missed eating pizza and she decided to make a surprise run to Green Lantern to get us each a pizza. This was the FIRST carryout food item I have eaten in the 5 weeks I have been quarantined. 

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