Restaurant Review: Green Lantern Pizza

If you don’t already support local businesses there is no better time than now to do so. With dining in being out of the question right now, many places are offering carryout or curbside only, while some have had to close for the time being to save money. My aunt was recently talking about pizza, and I said “oh my gosh, that sounds so good right now,” and she ended up surprising me with her local favorite Green Lantern Pizza.

Green Lantern Pizza has been slinging delicious pies leaving their footprint on Michigan since 1955. Green Lantern Pizza was founded when Thomas and Irene Vettranio bought an old farmhouse with its green lantern. The green lantern was a holdover from a dark time – the Prohibition era. Legend says that a green lantern in front of an establishment meant that you were able to purchase alcohol there. Today, Green Lantern Pizza offers a casual and fun atmosphere, with its original restaurant being located in Madison Heights, Michigan.

Green Lantern Pizza offers a variety of specialty pizzas or you can build your own. You will also find sandwiches, submarines, salads and sides on the menu. My aunt ordered herself the Tommy’s Super Special which comes with cheese, pepperoni, ham, mushroom and green pepper on it. She got me a build your own with cheese, green pepper, mushroom and onions on it. This was my first Green Lantern Pizza experience and let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious. Green Lantern Pizza has quickly become a new favorite for me and I cannot wait to continue to support them. Next time I want to try the BLT Pizza which comes with cheese, bacon, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, and mayonnaise on it.

What is your favorite local pizza joint?

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