Five Things

If you’re from Michigan – congratulations you have made it through another week of quarantine. Week 4 to be exact, you know I am still counting! It looks like we will be hanging out in self-isolation for awhile longer. The Governor of Michigan just announced the stay at home order has been extended through April 30. Since Michigan is having a problem with people following the order, she actually had to add more restrictions to it to get people to keep their butts at home. It’s so frustrating when you’re staying home, and because others cannot follow rules and think it’s okay to just roam around stores the order has been extended even longer.

So what did I do this week? Well, I finally caved and started binge-watching a couple of series on Netflix and checked out Onward on Disney+ which is a super cute movie by the way.

I had a real dinner and made apple and cherry stuffed chicken with asparagus. 

My coworker doesn’t understand what social distancing means. 

I went for a bike ride and saw some lovely sidewalk chalk art along the way.
Jack cannot go to the groomer, so I had to become the groomer.
My mum is still in the hospital so I made my dad some chocolate chip cookies to go along with his movie marathons. 

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