Five Things

Week three of self-isolation complete! How are you surviving? I am thankfully still working, and have been very busy reworking the calendar and getting things to align with everything that is going on. Groceries have been running short, and my parents have been trying to feed me a little bit until I get the courage to go to the grocery store. My mum sent me home with this super cute basket that included an egg salad sandwich, chips, candy, and water. Here\’s a peek at some other week highlights.

Here’s a peek at my adorable coworker this week. I am so thankful to have him, he adds a little extra happy to my life and gets me outside when I am stressed out.

Jack and I are starting to see spring slowly popup during our walks.

I decided to make some peanut butter and jellies just to have on hand and make things easier when I am hungry. They’re in the freezer now for easy access.

Well, I did it. I went to the grocery store for the first time during the quarantine. Let me tell you it was scary and an experience in itself. I wore gloves and a mask. Nino Salvaggio had a ton of meat and fresh produce and was taking all the safety precautions necessary – which made me feel safer shopping. Kroger, on the other hand, made me feel uneasy.

The hardest thing that happened this week was the fact that my mum has been feeling like crap for the entire year, was put on medicine for pneumonia and it didn’t help. She went to urgent care, but they refused to see her because of her cough. My dad called me to come over and get her onto video chate because he wasn’t sure how to do it, and my mum was starting to turn colors. Once she was on video chat, the doctor said she would have to go to the hospital. This was a crushing point of the day. COVID-19 is terrible in Michigan right now, in fact, Metro Detroit + Detroit are the hot spots where it is the worst. No one is allowed in the hospital besides the essential personnel and those that are sick. My dad literally had to drop my mum off at the ER where they took her temperature and brought her inside. None of us were allowed to go. The 6th floor of the hospital was all COVID-19 patience and half of the 5th floor. My mum is on the other side of the 5th floor and the anxiety has been building like crazy. Please keep her in your thoughts, prayers and positive vibes during this time.

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