30 Things to Do in April (Quarantine Edition)

Happy April loves! March felt like I was in a movie written by a child, where everything goes wrong and no one has the answers to anything – and April is following suit. Like many other states, Michigan is under a stay at home order and school has been canceled for the remainder of the year. Trust me, I know it is tough. Staying home is the worst, I know first hand because I am a social butterfly that can\’t sit still ever. However, I have been doing my part and have been staying inside to keep myself and others safe – hopefully, you can say that you have been doing the same.

My plan was to just skip doing 30 things to do in April, but as someone struggling with the isolation of social distancing, I figured I would share some things that are currently helping me. During the time of this pandemic, it is more important than ever to take time for ourselves, be creative and just stay positive. I hope this list brings a little bit of light and happiness to your life and you find a couple things that you want to do.

1. Paint rainbows or something bright and cheery in your windows. #RainbowsOverMichigan is making waves here in the mitten state, and it\’s nice to see doors decorated with cheer.

2. Build boards on Pinterest of meals you want to make, therefore you can have planned before you go to the grocery store and can get in and out as quickly as possible.

3. Watch Onward on Disney+ today!

4. Work on a puzzle.

5. Take spring cleaning to the next level and

6. It is the perfect chance to try that takes-all-day recipe you\’ve been wanting to try. I am going to giving French macarons a try and will post about my results when I finish.

7. Spend a day taking time to prepare various meals and freeze them, to make things easier on days you\’re not in the mood for cooking. I actually made a ton of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and egg breakfast sandwiches and froze them to make my days a little easier.

8. Today I am sharing some springtime cookies perfect for Easter on the blog.

9. Take a break from your phone and grab an adult coloring book or print out some coloring pages that companies have posted. I absolutely love Michigan Awesome\’s coloring pages as well as Lilly Pulitzer\’s coloring pages.

10. Why not do sudoku, word search or crossword puzzle? Even if you do not have a book there are some great resources online.

11. Curl up in a blanket and enjoy a new book.

12. Hoppy Easter! Celebrate the best you can this year and be thankful for your family and friends.

13. Give your friends a call on zoom, FaceTime and more to spend time hanging out.

14. Support local small businesses.

15. Take a class online. I am currently doing the Nikon online photography school.

16. Start a new hobby or restart an old one. I really want to give embroidery a try.

17. Binge-watch a show. I was talked into watching Parks and Rec.

18. Have a Zoom game night.

19. Get up and get moving, there are plenty of gyms offering free classes.

20. Take Yale\’s the Science of Well-Being class online.

21. Set aside at least 30 minutes a day of no screentime.

22. Start to meditate and clear your mind.

23. Create a vision board of what you want to accomplish once we are all released back into the wild.

24. Make sure you are staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water to help keep your immune system up.

25. Everyone likes receiving gifts, and during this hard time who wouldn\’t like to receive something special in the mail. Order a basket from your favorite local company.

26. Play Words with Friends.

27. Watch Netflix at the same time as your friends so you can talk about the show or movie.

28. Learn how to bake bread.

29. Take a trip through a virtual museum or zoo.

30. Share a favorite recipe with a friend.

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