Five Things

I have a new coworker, and so far he’s been very easy going with me being home. I don’t have a desk, so I work from the couch and he just chills next to me – which I really like. 

This is quarantine week two, and day 10 of working from home, for me. On Monday, the governor of Michigan has issued a mandatory “shelter-in-play” which means we technically are not allowed to leave our houses except for work, food (groceries/takeout), or gas for the most part. You can still get outside and walk, but people have not been practicing the 6 foot of social distancing rule, which makes me nervous to get outside. As you probably know by now, I am not one to sit still, however, I don’t want to get sick or be responsible for someone else getting sick so I am hunkering down.

What have I been up to this week?

Over the weekend I decorated macarons from Le Detroit Macaron Kit that my aunt got me, and then ate my body weight in them. Seriously they are so good!

My parents made steak and potatoes and invited me over to come pick it up.

I was feeling pretty down and a friend drew me this butterfly to cheer me up.

It looks like we will be hunkering at home for longer than we thought, so I decided to start doing workouts at home. I am loving the fact that there are so many workouts available for free online right now.

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