Le Detroit Macaron – Macron Decorating Kit

Social distancing is the buzzword of 2020. Restaurants in Michigan are only allowed to offer carryout or curbside delivery. The new normal is far from the normal that I want to be living. However, we have to learn to adapt to this newfound life. Staying indoors so other lives can be saved, is critical. Restaurants and bakeries are doing what they can to stay afloat during these times. Seeing small businesses struggle is breaking my heart. Recently while scrolling Instagram, I saw that my favorite bakery (they only sell macarons, which are my favorite – hence my favorite bakery) Le Detroit Macaron was selling Macaron Decorating Kits to give families something to do at home.

I showed my aunt, and she ended up heading there to get me a kit for my birthday, and herself a kit to prevent boredom. I absolutely loved that Le Detroit Macaron came out with these kits. The macaron decorating kit was everything that I could have hoped for during self-isolation. I ended up saving my kit for something to do this weekend. Everything in the kit was extremely fresh and you could tell that it was not laying around, which I definitely appreciated. Le Detroit Macaron is my favorite macaron place in Michigan, if you have not tried Le Detroit Macaron yet, I HIGHLY recommend giving them a call, placing an order and picking it up curbside during these times. They\’re an amazing bakery, all the employees are the sweetest.

My favorite macarons from Le Detroit Macaron Signature Collection are: Almond
Fruity Pebbles
Lemon Zest

Le Detroit Macaron always has speciality flavors, so you\’re sure to get a variety of different flavors each time you visit. Thank you Le Detroit Macaron for making these kits and making this Detroiter\’s life a little sweeter during this unknown time.

What small businesses are you supporting in your state?

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