Bathroom Remodel Hacks

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Trying to combine remodeling a bathroom on a budget can seem like the impossible, but really it all comes down to hacks and DIY projects. A full bathroom gut job sometimes just is not in the budget, so DIY projects become your best friend. Here are some DIY tips that will help you create a bathroom you’re proud of on a budget that won’t break your piggy bank.
Cover the tub
Is your bathtub an embarrassing part of your home? If so there\’s plenty of things you can do to upgrade it on a budget, and ripping out the tub isn’t one of them. Ripping out the entire tub and starting over means ripping out the flooring that surrounds it, which leads to more money gone. One of the simplest updates is getting a liner for it. Custom tub liners require exact measurements and can be a little more expensive than those liners that are pre-made and typically run less than $200 at Home Depot.

Pro Tip: If you have two bathrooms, give the second a Kohler Luxstone Shower upgrade. I am OBSESSED!Open up space
This super simple hack does not require you to move any walls but will make your bathroom feel larger than it is. Get rid of that shower curtain! Open or closed, the shower curtain adds a divide to a small space. Instead of a shower curtain go for modern glass sliding doors. Not only will it make the bathroom look bigger, but it will add a fresh new look.

Out with the old in with the new
If your bathroom has a vanity, I have a simple and easy hack for you. Most vanities involve a sink, and while you think this is about to get complicated it’s not – also if it’s not something you can do a handyman or plumber could easily help you. Shop around for a new vanity, once you have one disconnect the water supply or have a professional do it. Take out the old vanity and replace it with the new one. Your bathroom just got updated! You can also buy new hardware for the sink to give it an instant upgrade.

Cleanup after the remodel
A clean bathroom has a lot to do with it looking it’s best. Once your bathroom remodels is done, be sure to give the bathroom a good scrubbing. A clean bathroom makes a world of a difference. Also considering a fresh coat of paint to give the bathroom a whole new look. A couple coats of new paint color can transform your bathroom. Adding new rugs, towels and accessories will also change the aesthetic of the room. Reduce clutter, by putting toiletries away instead of leaving them out. Add storage where it is necessary to keep things clutter-free.

You see, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a new bathroom. With some simple hacks, you can change up your bathroom, and have extra money to spend on other things such as that shower you’ve always wanted.

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