Who Run the World? GIRLS!

photo found on Pinterest. this is a sponsored post

The great James Brown sang, this is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a women or a girl. In the 90’s the Spice Girls hit center stage bringing girl power. While the corporate world tends to be filled with powerful men in suits, it doesn’t mean women cannot take the world by storm. It’s amazing how things have changed and what women are doing to push the envelope in business, technology and more. Strong, powerful and amazing women are running some of our favorite brands from Thirty-One to Origami Owl and so many more, women are paving the way for other women to show that girl power exist.  Have you heard of Chrissy Weems? If not I bet you’ve heard of her brand Origami Owl. This brand began with Bella, she wanted to earn enough money to purchase a car when she turned 16 – how many of you ladies can relate to this? I know I personally couldn’t afford a car at 16, in fact I was given my great grandmas Oldsmobile when so I could get back and forth to college. The car was a literally piece of crap, and on a couple occasions I had to call my dad, because my headlights went out at 5 o’clock in the morning and I had a class I needed to be at and couldn’t miss. So I totally get Bella wanting to be proactive and not ending up with a lemon like I did. Bella’s story is different she had a BA mom who supported her along with two family friends Shawn and Tyson, which brought the dream of Origami Owl to life. If you don’t know what Origami Owl is, you’re about to want to have a party of your own. The jewelry is customizable, that’s right YOU shine through in your jewelry it’s all about you. It’s amazing to think that ones females dream of just being able to pay for a car became a huge successful business. It makes me so proud to be a female, knowing that these powerhouses have paved the way for me to be successful as well, they’ve given me the strength to strive for the best and really go after my dreams and really that’s what this is all about isn’t it? Being the best version of yourself and going after what you want. Think about the women who are working on life saving medications, and the ones that are paving the way for your daughters to do whatever they want to do in life without a man holding them back. After reading about Chrissy Weems and her story, the journey and the creation of Origami Owl, it made me love the brand even more. I already own a couple pieces of jewelry, and will be buying another one in the upcoming weeks for a friend who is engaged. I hope any girl who thinks she isn’t good enough to do something, or thinks that she can’t do it because she is a girl realizes that girls run the world, and little lady you can do anything.

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