this post is sponsored by PlateJoy all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you ever found yourself in a new relationship, and date night consists of dining out or going for dessert. You’re in the relationship for a few months and you’re still eating out, because let’s face it you’re both tired after a long day of work. Then one day one of you says why don’t we make something at home, but what? That’s what I was going through. My boyfriend can eat whatever he wants without gaining an ounce, and I so much as look at a slice of pizza and I’ve put on five pounds. After me denying eating out we decided to start doing some cooking at his place.

Now the hard part comes in:
What do we have that we can use?
What should we make?
What do we need from the grocery store?
Can we make something healthy that he will like too?
Is there an app for this?

The good news, there is an app for that and it’s called PlateJoy. PlateJoy is a personalized meal planning app that makes healthy eating easy and delicious. When I started the app it had me take a lifestyle quiz that asked about my tastes, family size schedule, health goals and more. Once I answered the questions I received my custom-designed meal plan…

The app generates a shopping list based on what is needed for the upcoming week, the list even gives you the option to choose what you already have in your kitchen.

Below are some thoughts on this app.
1. It makes starting a new lifestyle plan easy.
2. Very accommodating – low-carb, vegan, paleo, weight loss and more.
3. Helps you figure out the type of cooking that works for your household.
4. Even shows you how to accommodate just one.
5. Gives you recipes that work with your schedule.
6. Plenty of options.
7. You can change the exact number of meals each week.
8. Digital pantry keeps track of what you have.
9.  Helps you cut down on waste.
10. Access your plan on the go.

If you would like to try the app use code EricaTerry to get $10 off any plan on PlateJoy.

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