25 Fun Summer Date Ideas

Take advantage of the warmer temperatures by taking dates outside. So grab your summer fling and try these outdoor date ideas.

1. Play bocce ball
2. Ride a ferris wheel
3. Go mini golfing
4. Check out an outdoor movie
5. Hit the river and paddle board
6. Ride in a hot air balloon
7. Go on a spontaneous road trip
8. Get some gelato or ice cream
9. Bring out the competition with go karts
10. Stargaze
11. Go to the zoo
12. Catch the sunset
13. Visit an amusement park
14. Sign up for a mud run
15.  Hit some balls at the batting cages
16. Have a candlelight game night in the backyard
17.  Hit up an outdoor concert
18.  Zipline
19. Go paint balling or shooting
20. Plan a picnic in the park
21. Hit the trails for a two-track bike ride
22. Root on your favorite team
23. Watch the sunrise
24.  Act like a tourist around the city
25.  Buy cheap kids kites and go fly them

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