10 Lessons Guys Learn From A Girl Who Loves Her Dog

Guys should know that they’ve hit the jackpot when they date a girl that loves her dog. She’s energetic, friendly, loyal and playful just like her furry counterpart. However they may realize they have some four-pawed competition for ruv.
1. She often shares her bed with someone else. 
2. She will tell you she has a child or she has to get home to her “baby”
3. Guys don’t just have the parents to impress, but the pup as well
4. Someone else is always on her mind
5. He realizes you pack more for your dog than yourself.
6. “Family” photos always include the pup
7. There’s always a third wheel for movie night
8. Recipes tend to be dog friendly
9. He needs to realize he will always have an extra house guest
10. He will never have full cuddle custody

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