Friday Five

No matter what the trends are there are five things that I swear by every fall.

{dark nail lacquer *favorite is OPI Linkin Park After Dark*}

{a good hydrating lip gloss or lip balm}

{leggings in a variety of colors}

{scarves in different colors, sizes and patterns}

{tall boots}

What are your go-to fall items?

24 Comments on “my-go-to-five

  1. Good comfortable pair of jeans (maybe a hole or two in them)Cute slip on tennis shoes (when it gets where I can wear flip flops)Light weight long sleeve tshirts


  2. Love your fall five! Lincoln Park after Dark is one of mine as well. I'd also add blazers. I love buying a new one each fall and wearing it to class. Pumpkin spice lattes would make my list too. 😉


  3. Love fall fashion but hate the thoughts of fall upon us because then it means winter and cold and snow. As you can tell I am not a fan of cold. Fall fashion is very lovely and the layers you can have with the scarves, still not a fan of the leggings, but keep thinking.


  4. hi there, new to your blog, but i love your concept and I definitely like the fashion and food idea..I'm also from pittsburgh! as far as fall trends- linkin park after dark is 1 of my favs.


  5. hello…we don't have fall here so i've never really thought of leggings or scarf…we have our version of those here, though :)anyway, i'm thinking of experimenting with a scarf…a la audrey hepburn 🙂


  6. Love scarves and tall boots. They can instantly make a woman look chic! The nail color is fabulous. I've never heard of it. My \”go to\” colors by OPI are \”My Private Jet,\” \”You Don't Know Jacques\” and \”Smitten with Mittens.\”Hope you have a great weekend.Thanks for the giveaway prize. I'm so excited!


  7. AHHHHHH those boots are to die for. I think I'm going to give the leggings a rest this season though. I tried em out last year and I'm not sold. Then again, they were $4 leggings from Forever 21. Do the quality of the leggings matter you think?


  8. I think all of the above are must haves for fall! Last fall, I purchased my first pair of tall boots and love them. I kind of want to get a more pointed pair (I actually saw a really cute pair on Miley Cyrus, surprisingly)but not sure if I can pull them off.


  9. Wonderful go-to list! High boots are on my list, and I love these boots! Leggings are actually on my current spring shopping list. It never gets warm where I live. But it is nice to see spring in the air!


  10. Great choices! I have to say BOOTS and scarfs…and A Petti COat : ) AHHH fall CANNOT WAIT! thanks for the reminder!!HAPPY FRIDAY!


  11. i agree with the nail polish color, leggings, and scarves! love them all! :D<3, Mimi


  12. Great pics, those boots are fantastic! I'm usually not a bow person but these are still rugged enough and look comfy too!P.S. I made your panzanella recipe this week, thanks for sharing – it was delicious!!


  13. Love the items!!! Gotta have that nail polish!!! Jeggins? I need to lose 10 before I will even try a pair on!!! lol Thanks for following, looking forward to your posts!!!


  14. do you remember the ruffle boots from anthropologie from last year? by the time i discovered them they were sold out, i still weep for those boots.


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