The Finest Blueberries

A trip to the blueberry farm. For some of Michigan\’s finest blueberries.

How to freeze Blueberries

{place them into a colander and rinse them with cold water}

{use a measuring cup to scoop them onto a cookie sheet}

{spread the blueberries out onto the cookie sheet. place in the freezer for a day. they will freeze like individual marbles. place into baggies and put in the freezer until you\’re ready to use}


21 Comments on “The Finest Blueberries

  1. I love blueberries! My grandfather was a research scientist and studied blueberries for many years. We still have about three rows at my parents' house. Just a little tip, don't rinse them before you freeze them. It makes them slightly tougher when you pull them back out to use. Rinse them after they are pulled out of the freezer. Our have always been organic with nothing ever sprayed on them. I have tons of recipes if you want any. Happy Tuesday!XO


  2. yum I love blueberries! They are good frozen too. I thaw them out a little then put vanilla soy milk and a tiny bit of sugar on them and sometimes almond slivers — it's so good!! Almost like ice cream!XOXO


  3. i know everybody says to put them on the pan and freeze them individually first but i've never done this. i always throw mine in a bag, toss it in the freezer, and they freeze just fine. i've never had any chunks or bueberries stuck together!


  4. I love blueberries so much! I've never picked my own. I think that would just be the most perfect event ever! And thanks for the fabulous freezing directions! 🙂


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