OPI hits the Swiss Alps

This fall and winter OPI wants us to hit the Swiss Alps with them. This color pallet is all about rich and extraordinary hues. The collection has timeless shades as well as this years color trends. The collection contains creams as well as shimmers, and a lot of reds. However the formula for all of these was spot on. No issues putting any of the colors on… I was highly impressed. The hues flowed smoothly, and with just two coats my nails were looking tres chic.

\”Yodel Me On My Cell,\” is a brilliant blue with green and gold accenting shimmer. I can envision this color at a winter wedding or soriee… tres chic!

{yodel me on my cell}

\”Cuckoo For This Color,\” yes I am! Here we have a deeper emerald green with some shimmer. One of the main colors this fall is green, in particular olive green. I think this deep emerald compliments the olive flawlessly. Without doubt a fall must have!

{cuckoo for this color}

\”Diva Of Geneva,\” is difficult to explain… it\’s kind of a glowing purple, pink, hints of red and multi colored shimmer. In the bottle I hated it, once it was on my nails it was love at first sight. It\’s absolutely stunning stylish, and a color like I have never seen before. If you want a distinctive look this lacquer is for you!

{diva of geneva}

\”Glitzerland,\” is a metallic gold. Now usually I am not a gold person even though gold goes great with my complexion. However I completely love this gold, it complimented my skin tone very well. This will unquestionably be one of my fall favorites.


\”Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous,\” the first thing I thought of after I polished my nails was this color would compliment smokey eyes perfectly. The lacquer is a smokey grey silver with enough shimmer to brighten any dark day.

{lucerne tainly look marvelous}

\”Ski Teal We Drop\” is a blueish teal hue, and is one of my preferred colors in the collection. It would be a really fun color to wear at a ski lodge sipping some hot cocoa.

{ski teal we drop}

\”The Color To Watch\” is a soft lavender shade with pink and blue shimmer. The perfect end of summer beginning of fall polish.

{the color to watch}

\”William Tell Me About OPI\” is a very dark/shadowy, purple. During autumn dark colors is always the “in” thing. I love dark colors all year round, but when autumn comes around I want to change my polish every other day. This color is deep, rich, dark and shiny. It\’s very runway chic!

{william tell me about OPI}

\”From A to Z-urich\” is a deep raspberry shade. I wasn\’t a fan… then again red doesn\’t look very appealing on me.

{from a to z-urich}

\”Color So Hot It Berns\” reminds me of poppy flowers. I polished the tip of my nails black, let it dry and topped it with this poppy color. I thought it gave my nails a little more depth.

{color so hot it berns}

\”I’m Suzi & I’m A Chocoholic\” is a brick red. Not a huge fan, and not getting the whole \”brown\” aspect.

{i\’m suzi and im a chocoholic}

\”Just A Little Rosti At This,\” is a deep red with some brown accenting it. This was probably one of my least favorite colors of the collection.

{just a little rosti at this}

What do you think of the collection and what is your favorite color?
Do you look good in red?
Are you going to buy any of these colors?

36 Comments on “OPI hits the Swiss Alps

  1. I have never gone with the dark colors before…but I think I will try one this time around 🙂 I MIGHT try the Diva of Geneva…whenever I get down to actually deciding, I end up going with one my comforts…but I promise to branch out at least for a week this fall!


  2. I probably won't buy any of these colors, but I do LOVE them. My nails aren't long enough to paint:(


  3. my fingers and toes are crying for diva of geneva….i think it might be the next color on par with \”i'm not really a waitress\”…..CAN NOT WAIT TO SCORE THIS ONE! happy monday sweet thang! xoxo


  4. SO obsessed with this post. I cannot get enough of nail polish-the swiss collection is bomb. I love allll the deep shades and the blue colors. Nails can change your whole attitude and whole outfit! =]


  5. I'm LOVING sparkly polish right now! The gold and silver are so fab.xo Josiehttp://winksmilestyle.blogspot.com


  6. SOOO many awesome colors!! i can't even decide which i like best!! I bet your nails were about to fall off after you tried each and every one of them (if that was your hand) haha… 🙂 I wonder when I will be able to get them over here in sweden.. may have to do some ordering 🙂


  7. Glitterland is absolutely charming and I am loving the silver as well. Silver and gold for the holiday!


  8. Hi Pretty!Love the fact that you tried on ALL of the polishes! It was nice to see them against your skin tone. You may not like the reds but I do! Off to spot them in the store!


  9. I am absolutely loving the color to watch! It's very muted and still gorg. need it in my life


  10. Saw this post yesterday while I was at work. During my lunch break I ran over to Trade Secret and got \”Ski Teal we Drop\” painted my nails and I think I am in nail polish love.


  11. Seriously how many HOURS did it take you to paint your nails all these colors? Rosti looks unbelievable on your skin. Workit! I am going to go get from a to z-urich… little sexy for this mama but I think its a must.


  12. Hi Erica!!! I am back at school for the fall semester and always love to change my polish colors. So I loved this post. I am sure your nails did not though! William Tell me About OPI looks great for fall. Do you think if possible you could email me and I could show you my skin color and you could match it with the proper polish I would appreciate it.


  13. To the nail pro! I wanted to inquire and see if you would be willing to match my skin to with some OPI colors. I love the reds but they may not compliment my skin well and I dont want to look like a fool. Its my first year of college so I would love your help!


  14. OPI always comes through with amazing new colors for the new season. I'm loving Ski Teal we Drop, From A to Z-urich, and I'm Suzi and I'm a chocoholic. I definitely need to add those to my nail polish collection very soon. xoValerie


  15. oh wow! these are all such pretty, sparkly, shiny colors. i would like to buy a few of these actually. my favorites are the \”cuckoo for this color\” and \”lucerne-tainly look marvelous\”.


  16. Thanks so much for help picking out my perfect nail polish color for fall! I never would have thought gold would have went with my skintone but glitterland looks amazing on my nails! Thanks for the help and sharing the collection.


  17. I am a red girl and \”i'm suzi and im a chocolholic\” literally just stole my heart as did justa little rosti at this. Holy fabulous hues!


  18. After all your talk about your love for dark polish and me scared of it william tell me about OPI is what I am off to by today. the color looks so rich and definitely think it needs to be in my life


  19. Cuckoo for this color and diva of geneva are definitely on my lust list! Love the way geneva looks on your nails.


  20. JUst so you know I just got Yodel Me on my Cell on my nails, and it's ice. Absolutely love it and keep getting comments! I really want to get glitterland on my toes!


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